Welsh Government


A region that works harder, thinks bigger and adapts faster

Image inside of the Wales millennium centre
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  • As a nation with its own devolved government you will have direct access to key decision-makers who will act with minimum bureaucracy and maximum flexibility to support your move.
  • Our compactness helps government, private sector and education to join forces. We can make things happen fast.
  • Our nimbleness is supported by an outstanding package of financial assistance, training support for enhancing your workforce skills and links to our renowned universities for their skills and training programmes.  
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Flexible Property Options
  • Cardiff Capital Region can offer a range of flexible property options to suit your business requirements, ranging from the type of floor space to the efficiency and occupational density you need.
  • We can also provide you with the opportunity to flex up and down as the demands of your business dictate.
  • Cardiff Capital Region can offer bespoke premises with a Grade A efficient working environment comparable to London’s financial district but with significant comparable savings, especially over a medium to long term lease period.
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