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Image of Henry Engelhardt

Great spot, great people, great business city… love it.

Name: Henry Engelhardt
Company: Admiral Group
Position: Founder / CEO
Location: Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone


Image of Ross Flanigan

Deloitte is developing a major business operations centre in Cardiff. Our major success factor is the people here, we would not have achieved so much nor have the confidence to expand without the diverse and capable local workforce. Many of our people are highly qualified graduates, others have a wealth of experience in various disciplines. The area in and around Cardiff is also very attractive for prospective staff and their families, there is nothing in my business or personal life that is missing here.


Name: Ross Flanigan
Company: Deloitte
Position: Director
Location: Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone


Image of Lynda Campbell

I’m very proud that British Gas has its flagship customer service centre in the heart of Cardiff. We provide great customer service for our customers and over the last 5 years has become the most decorated site in Europe winning the European Call Centre of the year 2 years running. We owe our success to the skills, commitment and the caring attitude of our people from Cardiff and the surrounding areas.


Name: Lynda Campbell
Company: British Gas
Position: Regional Director for Wales
Location: Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone


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